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Houston Texans News: Revis And Butthead Get Nuked!

DeAndre Hopkins wasn't at Jets training camp, but that doesn't mean he didn't make an impact.

"So then Hopkins caught it like this..."
"So then Hopkins caught it like this..."
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a Jets fan, this post is about to annoy and frustrate you. Chances are, however, you’re a Texans fan, in which case, get prepared to laugh.

Allegedly, a few days ago during Jets training camp, Brandon Marshall caught a pass against Darrelle Revis and took it 80 yards to the house. On the next throw his way, Marshall beat Revis again.

While that alone isn’t much more than a footnote in a sea of training camp news, what happened next made it truly newsworthy.

Once Marshall beat Revis twice, the two started jawing at one another. As the exchange heated up, Marshall allegedly evoked the name of a far better receiver, our very own DeAndre Hopkins, talking smack about Hopkins’ utter embarrassment of Revis last November. This exchange led to a meltdown of both athletes that had to be broken up by former Houston Texan Ryan Fitzpatrick.

For those who don’t remember or didn’t see it at all, D-Hop took a trip to Revis Island and turned it into a clinic on how to smoke a Pro Bowl corner.  And not just any corner, but one who has arguably been the most dominant in the league since Deion Sanders retired.

If you’re a student of the game, that particular outing last November was a landmark moment in your NFL loving life. A rising star wideout, who has what it takes to potentially become one of the best receivers of all time going mano-a-mano with one of the best corners of all time. The moment when their two career arcs crossed set off sparks that etched their way into the collective history of the NFL, creating a moment that the legendary Steve Sabol would have immortalized in the annals of NFL Films if he were still with us.

Without Sabol around to remind Revis every time he turned on the NFL Network, apparently Brandon Marshall was more than happy to keep that fire burning.

Unfortunately, thanks to the rotation of the NFL schedule, odds are the Jets won’t travel into the Battle Red Zone again before Revis retires. Revis will likely sail off into the sunset with the lasting sting of Nuk’s Island Party burning far longer than Marshall’s physical slap.