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2016 Houston Texans Training Camp Live: Day Eight

The NFL may have screwed up its preseason opener, but the Houston Texans press on. You can follow all the hot training camp action live on BRB.

NFL: Houston Texans-Training Camp
Rac won’t let you down.
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, fellow Houston Texans enthusiast. I imagine you may be a bit discouraged at your decision to passionately follow a team that belongs to a cabal apparently incapable of even the most basic of field maintenance. I am here to assure you that your feelings are legitimate, and you are not the only person wondering exactly how it is that a multi-billion dollar corporation could so blatantly botch something so glaringly simple.

Lest we scratch our heads too much, I urge you to turn your attention elsewhere. Like, say, toward your beloved Texans’ eighth day of training camp? I have it on good authority that the practice field inside the bubble at Methodist Training Center is in fine working order. That should put your troubled mind at ease.

What’s that? You’re still bothered by the abomination that was last night’s Hall of Fame Game? You’re thinking too much, friend. Cast your eyes toward this neat Twitter widget about all things Houston Texans Training Camp and let yourself go. You’ve earned it.

Should you happen upon any newsworthy reports this morning, leave ‘em below. Until then, chatter away with your fellow fans and embrace the fact that the Texans have their first preseason game on Saturday night against the San Francisco 49ers.*


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