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NFL RedZone Channel Free Throughout 2016 NFL Preseason

It's Octo-box season!

For the third year in a row, NFL RedZone will have four select "free preview" days during the preseason where viewers can watch the action from every single game simultaneously – all without commercials – complete with stats, news, and updates on big plays throughout the day. During the regular season, the RedZone channel will of course only be available by purchasing it directly from your television provider, but for now you can hear Scott Hanson’s sweet, sultry commentary completely free of charge.

Here are the dates for each week of the preseason when the RedZone channel will be available. Each show will be roughly four to five hours in length to cover that day’s spread of preseason games; during the regular season each show typically lasts from the 12:00 PM CST kickoff all the way through the end of the afternoon slate of games.

Week 1: August 11th

Week 2: August 18th

Week 3: August 27th

Week 4: September 1st

If you have never experienced RedZone in its full glory during the regular season, well…you’re in for a treat. It really is the best football-related program on TV (yes, I might be a bit biased on that...sue me).