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How Much Will Brock Osweiler Play In Texans' Preseason Opener Against 49ers?

The head coach of the Houston Texans enlightened the crowd after today's practice session.

Ready for his close-up.
Ready for his close-up.
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Normally, you'd expect to see a starting veteran quarterback in the NFL play sparingly in his squad's preseason opener. When that starter is playing for the first time in a new system and hasn't had much in the way of regular season seasoning, however, it might be time to make an exception to that maxim. Given Brock Osweiler's situation with your Houston Texans, Bill O'Brien announced today that his quarterback could be in line for more work on Sunday night against the 49ers than veteran QBs traditionally see in the middle of August.

"We have a pretty good idea of what we’ll do there," O’Brien said Monday. "Obviously, Brock will get a decent amount of snaps in the first half. Whether it’s by quarter, or by the amount of snaps or maybe the series, we’ll have to kind of see how the game’s going, try to get him into a rhythm, which will be good. Then, if you feel good about the amount of time he’s played, you take him out and then you go from there with Tom (Savage) and Brandon (Weeden)."

As you'd guess, Osweiler is geeked about the prospect of getting actual snaps without fear of Gary Kubiak benching him for Peyton Manning with his new team against a real opponent.

"I can’t wait," Osweiler said. "It’s hard because you don’t want to look too far ahead. We have another practice tomorrow and then we go into an off day and then another practice before we fly out to San Francisco. Obviously, I know the game is approaching, I’m very excited to get out there and go finally play a football game and really see where we’re at."

What's your guess as to how much we'll see of Brock Osweiler on Sunday night in Santa Clara?

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