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2016 Houston Texans Training Camp Live: Day Nine

Follow along with BRB as Texans training camp continues with its ninth day and the preseason opener coming fast.

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

So I hear it's hot in Houston right now. Hopefully not hot enough to ''congeal and rubberize'' the grass. Wonders of science and ineptitude aside, rumours have been spread of the Texans releasing their first depth chart of the year. Will we finally get an answer to the Fairbairn v. Novak debate that's been running wild all throughout this camp? Stay tuned.

Elsewhere in the league:


The Browns also went and named Robert Griffin III as their starting QB. In a statement to the media, head coach Hue Jackson opened with the phrase, ''It's time." "It's time" sounds less like a defiant statement of promise and more a reluctant acceptance that there is no way out, and that RG3 really is your QB.  I hope the Browns never go away.  They are an endless fountain of schadenfreude from which I cannot stop drinking.

Follow along with BRB as Texans training camp continues with day number nine.  As usual, the wonderful Twitter widget below will be on display all day to help you all keep up with the comings and goings.  If you see or hear anything interesting or want to share your thoughts, please do so in the comments below as we continue the march towards the pre-season opener against the Niners on Sunday.

P.S. No UFO vids please.

Texans vs 49ers coverage.