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John Elway Surprised That Brock Osweiler Wasn't Happy About Being Benched For Peyton Manning

This summer's most melodramatic and petty relationship saga just won't seem to end.

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The face when your starting QB is Mark Sanchez.
The face when your starting QB is Mark Sanchez.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos General Manager John Elway has had a rough offseason. He lost his starting QB to retirement and a number of key pieces from the Broncos' vaunted defense also left town. However, none of those losses have cut quite as deep as the loss of the man whom Elway himself saw as the potential Broncos QB for the next 10-12 years. Lofty expectations aside, Elway had some more comments about Brock Osweiler's departure from Denver this summer:

Via the Denver Post:

"I can understand that he didn’t want to sit down and have Peyton come back in that San Diego game, but it wasn’t the fact that Brock was playing bad," Elway said. "We needed a change of something. So I was a little surprised just how he seemed to be a little bent out of shape about that.

Elway makes some good points. I mean, why would anybody be annoyed at being benched in favour of Peyton Manning? It's practically an honour in most cultures.

In all seriousness, I find Elway's statement that Brock wasn't playing poorly but Denver pulled him anyway the most interesting. In what world does "a change of something" mean the actively decomposing body of Peyton Manning? Then again, the coach of that team was Gary Kubiak, a man who has shown in the past that he won't make rash decisions when it comes to his QBs. Matt Schaub and Peyton Manning both lasted 10 weeks in their respective awful seasons before Kubes pulled the plug for entirely valid reasons, only for Kubiak to put each veteran back under center for some reason again.

What say you, BRB faithful? Is Elway slowly becoming Lionel Ritchie from  ''Hello''? Have Elway's comments any merit? Should Osweiler not have been bent out of shape?  Or should he just move on concentrate on being a #@$^ing member of the  Houston Texans while Elway focuses on his own Brockless team? Sound off below.

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