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2016 Houston Texans Training Camp: Randy Moss Mentors Texans Wide Receivers

Nuk and the rest of his WR brethren got a visit from The Freak today.

“Yes, sensei. Understood, sensei.”
Mark Berman, FOX 26

Bill O’Brien and Randy Moss have had their issues with one another in the past, but it seems as though the two have patched things up well enough to have Moss make a guest appearance at Texans camp today.

“The Freak” worked with Houston’s young receiving corps throughout practice and gave them lots of sage advice such as “just run past that guy over there” and “all you’ve got to do is jump over him - this isn’t that hard”. I suppose if everyone was 6’4” and ran in the 4.2s that would work, right?

In all seriousness, Moss was more than just the biggest and fastest guy on the field in his prime. He was a true technician and student of the game. Nobody in the history of the league has ever had a better understanding of deep route stems, and he is perhaps the only receiver to ever literally outrun a Cover-2.

Moss’ deep ball skills will of course be a big help to DeAndre Hopkins, but perhaps his coaching would be even more crucial for Houston’s young first-round speedster, Will Fuller. Considering that Fuller’s role as a rookie will likely boil down to the same “go deep” antics that Moss excelled at for so many years, Moss’ thoughts on stems, head fakes, spacing, and ball tracking could be a boon for a first year receiver who is trying to make his mark in the league.

We’re just days away from seeing Fuller and Hopkins in action for the first time against the San Francisco 49ers, and I have a sneaking suspicion that we will get to see them put Moss’ pointers to use early and often.