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BRB Survival And Pick 'Em Leagues: Fantasy Is Reality

We escape to fantasy football land several times a week here at BRB. Check out our offerings and updates.

Houston Texans v Buffalo Bills
Happy Socks is living his fantasy.
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

In case y’all have forgotten (and some of y’all already have), we’re doing a Survival League and Pick’ Em League this season.

Picks for Survival League are due five minutes before the first game of the week. That usually means Thursday evenings. It’s only Week One, and we already have five participants who have a strike against them for not making their selections before the Panthers and Broncos played two days ago.

Picks for the Pick’ Em League are due five minutes before the start of the game in question. Members of the Pick’ Em League will therefore need to log in several times over the course of the week to make their picks.

If you have questions about how either league works, don’t hesitate to ask in the Comments. You’re surrounded by folks who’ve been doing fantasy football leagues longer than some posters have been alive, so there’s plenty of experience here on the blog.

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