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2016 Week One Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Chicago Bears

So it begins...

The Houston Texans open the 2016 season with high hopes and a new quarterback. Brock Osweiler felt disrespected in Denver and followed the money out of town. Osweiler will be the Texans’ eighth starting quarterback since 2014, and Bill O’Brien hopes that Osweiler is the answer to Houston’s problems under center.

On the other side, the Chicago Bears have Jay Culter, who enters his eighth season in the Windy City. Culter, another scorned Denver quarterback, has never been able to shake the title of disgruntled, non Top 10 QB, but he's hoping another year under John Fox will help the Bears' offense grow.

Culter will be without running back Matt Forte for the first time, as Forte moved on to join the New York Jets. But the Bears still have plenty of weapons with Alshon Jeffery and Kevin White.

Here is a look at Sunday’s game: