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2016 Late Afternoon Games Thread: Week One

The Texans and Bears played the early game, but there’s still football, and we’re still watching.

Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
610 days and it’s still not a catch!!!
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

This afternoon, the Texans welcomed the Bears to Houston and came together to get the victory. But we’ve got more football to watch.

As a native Houstonian and now resident of the DFW Metroplex, I have conceived a loathing of Cowboys fans that is immeasurable. Today, the Giants are rolling into Arlington and I will be sacrificing crickets, rabid bats, and all the other nasty critters that call this area of Texas home in the hopes that Dallas fans clog up their terrible freeway system in tears as they head home after the loss. Tony Romo has yet another injury, so Dak Prescott is going to start this game. His backup, Mark Sanchez, failed to win the starting job with the Broncos after several years of substandard play for the Jets. There has been mouth-breathing in the region about how Prescott is clearly ready for the task and how inserting him shouldn’t cause any drop-off in the Cowboys’ performance, so we’ll see.

The Dolphins have flown across the country to take on the Seahawks. This should be an interesting game because the AFC East should be less out of reach with Tom Brady out for four games, and the NFC West has been pretty competitive over the last few years. The pre-game plans of the Seahawks players have overshadowed the game a bit, and this is a game that doesn’t automatically scream “watch me, I matter” to anyone who isn’t a fan of the two teams in question. Even so, the owners need more money, so watch the game, okay?

The game that has direct implications for the Texans is happening in the cesspit that is Indy as the Colts welcome the Lions. Matthew Stafford and Andrew Luck are established starters for their teams, but there always seems to be something going wrong with their teams. Ideally, the Lions handle the job and roll out of the oil can with a victory.

Which game will you be watching? Which team’s fans do you loathe the most? This is your spot to watch and dissect these three games and prognosticate about how much better the Texans are than each of them.