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2016 Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Patriots v. Cardinals

The Tom Brady-less Patriots travel to Arizona to take on a reasonable approximation of an NFL team. Hilarity may, in fact, ensue.

Pictured: How Tom Brady will be watching this game.
Pictured: How Tom Brady will be watching this game.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As the song pedantically reminds you, you have indeed been waiting all day for Sunday night. This particular Sunday night brings the opening SNF broadcast of the 2016 season, featuring a tilt between the New England Patriots (sans Mr. Bundchen and his deflated balls) and the Arizona Cardinals.

Oh, sure, it's hard to get too excited about this game hours after watching your Houston Texans abuse Jay Cutler and win the season opener. But let's be honest -- you're still going to watch this game, and you're still going to want a place to comment on what you're seeing. So this thread is your place to figure out how to spell Garoppolo, discuss why Carson Palmer looks like Tom Brady's less-talented cousin, argue over whether LaGarrette Blount or Tyrann Mathieu has done more to redeem the image he left college with, and to post whatever other inanity pops into your head this fine evening.

Football is back, kids. Enjoy it.