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Monday Night Football Live: Steelers at Redskins

The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Washington Redskins in the first Monday Night Football match-up of the 2016 season. Talk about it live on Battle Red Blog.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers
Antonio Brown boomin’ and whatnot.
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, Kirk "You like that!?" Cousins and the Redskins host Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers in the first MNF game of the year. Last season, both of these teams were playoff contenders, with Washington losing in the Wild Card Round to Green Bay and Pittsburgh falling in the Divisional Round to Denver.

Though Houston meets neither of these teams in the regular season, the Steelers appear primed for another playoff run and could very well become an opponent that the Texans face on their journey to the Super Bowl. The Redskins will be jostling with the Cowboys/Eagles/Giants for a playoff berth in the NFC East and have little to no impact on Houston’s season at all.

So settle in and watch Jordan Reed score a bunch of fantasy points (because I need him to), and have your way with the comments section below.

Tonight’s double-header also features a matchup between the Rams and the 49ers, for which there will be a separate open thread.

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