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Houston Texans Get Color Rush Uniforms...That They Won't Wear This Year

So close, yet as Rod Stewart once told us, so far away.

No, not Blue.
No, not Blue.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Early this morning, this tweet came across the ol' Twitter feed:

That's the color rush uniforms for every NFL team. Here's a closer look at the Texans' version, modeled by Kareem Jackson.

The idea was for each team playing on Thursday Night Football to wear these alternate uniforms, which would mean the Texans would sport theirs next week when they travel to New England to play the Patriots. Except that's not going to happen.

Why is that? Because.

Consequently, this would seem to indicate the Texans will wear the same (or similar) all-white uniforms they wore to open the season against the Bears two days ago.  If you're into new uniform stuff, you'll have to wait until next year for the Texans' non-white color rush.

Should have gone with battle red anyway.

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