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After Big Debut, Will Fuller Ready To Take NFL By Storm

After scorching the Bears' secondary in Week One, Texans' rookie wide receiver Will Fuller is ready to utilize his speed to continue to put up big numbers.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans' 2016 regular season kicked off rather nicely for fans of the men in red, white, and blue, as Houston took home a win over the Chicago Bears by a score of 23-14 this past Sunday.

One man who played a significant role in the Texans' trouncing over the gridiron representatives of 'The Windy City', was rookie wide receiver Will Fuller V, who led the Texans with five receptions for 107 yards and hauled in one touchdown in the process.

Fuller was primarily brought in to relinquish some of the workload from Pro Bowl wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and the Notre Dame product is happy with that being his role in the offense:

"Hopefully, I know that's probably one of the reasons why they brought me here," said Fuller. "I'm going to continue to do my job, and if it goes that route, I'll be happy."

Last Sunday saw a promising beginning to the new receiver's NFL career, as he torched the Bears' secondary for triple digit receiving yards and could have tacked on more to his stat line had he not dropped a wide open pass from quarterback Brock Osweiler:

"I guess that just means I'm doing my job," Fuller said. "I'm going to continue to do my job. The more recognition I get, the more I'm helping the team."

Fuller's teammate DeAndre Hopkins also seems to be impressed with his new teammate's production:

"He comes from a great college program like Notre Dame where he's playing high-caliber talent week in and week out," Hopkins said. "The NFL is different but he's used to being up and staying where he is.
"He has game speed and just regular speed in general. Some people have game speed but run a slow 40. He has it all."

The big drop for the potential 83-yard touchdown lingered over the heads of Texans fans, but Fuller claims it was just first-game jitters.  He eventually got into the groove of things and caught up to the speed of the NFL game:

"Yeah, the first series I was a little out of whack," Fuller said. "It was a good feeling but as the game went on, I got a lot more comfortable."

When asked what is next after his mega-debut game, Fuller stated he'll continue to play his role in the offense and hopefully assist Houston in adding to the Texans' win column:

"Just continue to play fast, that's something I did since college so I'm going to continue to do that," Fuller said. "Whatever I'm doing to help the team, I'm going to continue to do it.
"I always play with confidence, so I wouldn't say it's a confidence booster. It was definitely good for me."

The Texans will meet the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow at NRG Stadium for their Week Two match-up.

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