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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: 17/09/16

To show you exactly how off topic S.N.O.T. can really get, this week's edition is devoted to YouTube clips.

BBC Proms In The Park - Hyde Park
Rick Astley, one of the stars of YouTube's early years.
Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images

As internet creations go, YouTube was one that literally changed everything, to the point of YouTube videos becoming a pseudo-replacement for TV and film. YouTube celebrated its 10th anniversary last yea with a nice little commerative video highlighting the various cultural phenoms that had been created on YouTube. While that video is nice, it does leave a lot out. YouTube is a wide swath of people creating a gigantic swath of videos, and it’s a disservice to just generalise them under one group of videos. So today, on S.N.O.T., I’m going to take you all on a magical journey through YouTube’s greatest hits according to me. This post is now an art gallery, and I am its curator.


Physical comedy is great. Who doesn’t like the idea of watching people fall over or get hit by things? I mean, look at this audiences reaction to someone getting hit in the crotch with a football. It’s sheer comedy gold; you cannot screw it up. It gets so much better when kids are involved because they’re just little walking pieces of comedy gold. They literally have no idea what they are doing, and it usually ends up with them falling over or walking into things. I know because when I was a kid, I had a terrible tendency of not paying attention to where I was walking; I would constantly walk into lamp posts, bins, or even other people. Kids are really just unintentional masochists. With that being said, here is Super Mapno Brothers.

To set the scene, this is some elementary school in what I’m guessing is Russia due to the description in the video being in Cyrillic. Anyway, the two stars of the video are two kids, one of whom decides to smash a book off of his head and the other who decides to slam her head off the table. If that’s not enough, the sound of both of these things is synced to the theme of "Super Mario Brothers."


We’re going to stay off the beaten track here and go visit with an ice cream taste-tester. John Harrison is an ice cream taste-tester for Edy’s Grand Ice Cream Company or Dreyers. Harrison’s taste buds are insured by the same company for one million dollars. He takes his job seriously, as anyone who just had their taste buds insured for a million dollars would. Watching him work is like watching Aaron Rodgers escape a collapsing pocket and sling a 40 yard frozen rope of a completion to a triple-covered receiver. Harrison is the Michael Jordan of ice cream taste-testing.

I just love the hand movements. He’s openly gesticulating what it’s like to eat ice cream. The sound is the real winner here, though. The lip smacking and the tongue-lashing create a symphony of sounds that has never before been heard by human ears. It just keeps going too; even after he’s given his verdict, he’s still slurping away like he’s malfunctioning or something. Either way, it’s always a 10 whenever John’s involved.


This next one is again a parody of a 30 minute video about a really weird kid telling you all about a kazoo. On its own, it’s pretty cringe-inducing, but once YouTube gets a hold of it, everything changes. Remember Cypress Hill? That rap group from California that had the song ‘‘Insane in the Brain’’? Well, the internet thought the kazoo kid and that song meshed really well.

Let It Bee:

"Let it Be" was a good Beatles song. "The Wicker Man" was not a good movie.

Shia Labeouf:

Quick, give me your impersonation of Shia Labeouf’s internal monologue when he was offered a role in the Transformers films:


Every wondered where all that fuss over Harambe came from? Wonder no more.

Thank you, Danny Trejo.


No trip through YouTube is complete without a visit to Flavortown:

Ainsley Hariott:

We’re having fun now, right? I mean, you guys could handle something a bit more intense, right? Cool. Let’s watch this video about Ainsley Harriott. Ainsley is a very eccentric British chef who’s well known for his flamboyance and very descriptive language. By all means, he’s better than your run of the mill TV chef, or at least more charismatic and interesting. The internet, however, will look upon this man and videos of his recipes as a template to really create something that I honestly can’t comprehend. I doubt many of you will either.


Well, that was something. I’m not feeling too good. I think it’s time to close the exhibit, lest we all be consumed by the entity which is in that video. I think I’m just going to leave this cool Star Wars clip here:

This is your S.N.O.T. Usual open thread rules apply, so enjoy responsibly and have a good Saturday night.

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