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BRB Late Afternoon Games Open Thread: 9/18/2016

Join us for afternoon open thread action of the late games on NFL Sunday.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If the Texans-Chiefs game was the main course, this will be the dessert. It’s a five (5) game schedule, which includes these contests:

Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams: 3:05pm CT

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Arizona Cardinals: 3:05pm CT

Indianapolis Colts vs Denver Broncos: 3:25pm CT

Atlanta Falcons vs Oakland Raiders: 3:25pm CT

Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Diego Chargers: 3:25pm CT

These 5 games will have a variety of wonderful storylines worth following, such as:

  • Case Keenum still being a starting quarterback.
  • A game in which I hope both teams lose.
  • The Jags losing, but in a way that gives further credence to the idea that they are a team on the rise
  • A battle between two Top 10 picks from the 2014 NFL Draft as Khalil Mack goes up against Jake Matthews

Usual open thread rules apply. Enjoy the games.

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