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2016 Houston Texans Game Day Live: Texans v. Chiefs (Third Quarter)

The Houston Texans host the Kansas City Chiefs in the second game of the season at NRG Stadium this afternoon. Talk about what's happening on the field as it transpires in Battle Red Blog's live open game thread for Texans-Chiefs.

Live blogging the 2nd quarter:

  • It's J.J. Watt's world, and we should be honored to live in it.
  • Rubbish call on the catch and fumble, IMneverHO.
  • Tyler Ervin should not be returning kicks with his decision-making skills.
  • The Chiefs are going to make Brock Osweiler beat them.  Interesting.
  • Alex Smith is having serious accuracy issues.
  • The only TEs the Texans should suit up are Stephen Anderson and Kendall Lamm.  Cut the rest, then release them.
  • Love the going for it on 4th.  Success!
  • I'm sorry, that was a BS taunting call on Marcus Peters.
  • I wouldn't be surprised to see us using Lamar Miller in a short passing game to make up for the lack of running room.
  • I'm sorry, but that's a BS non-DPI call on what should be a TD by DeAndre Hopkins.
  • Utter BS on the Hopkins catch.  Just crap.
  • I think Whitney Mercilus' shoulder had more to do with the forced fumble more than Quentin Demps' hand, but that's a big play and break either way.
  • Scary hit on Osweiler by Dontari Poe.  Yikes.  Mancz is just terrible out there.
  • BOB gets cute with a time out that would've left the Texans with less than 15 seconds of time, and the defense gives up a big run.
  • Something looks wrong with Alex Smith's arm.  He's throwing  lot of wounded ducks out there.
  • Wow, Alex Smith is not having a good game.
  • Travis Kelce getting defensive snaps out there.  That has to be fun.
  • Welp, Nick Novak.

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