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Countdown To Thursday Night Football: Texans-Patriots

The Texans are heading into Foxborough hoping to emerge victorious. We fans are, too.

New England Patriots v Houston Texans
Some of this would be nice.
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The NFL schedulers have a narrative they like to push. The Houston Texans, as usual, have to play the New England Patriots in New England. This year, this experience will occur on a Thursday night, so that everyone who follows the NFL can see the game.

Fortunately, we caught a bit of a double-break. Not only is Tom Brady still suspended, but now Jimmy Garoppolo is injured.

There are those Texans fans who will say that they want to face the Patriots at full strength, and they will only pay attention to any victory the team might have over the Pats when the Pats have all their starters available. Let me be blunt: I am not one of those fans. I want the Texans to get to 3-0 and I really DGAF how they do it (outside of cheating) or who they face in those games.

What say you? Would a victory tonight be any less meaningful because Brady is suspended? Or Garoppolo is injured? Does the fact that Bill Belichick managed to make Matt Cassel look like a viable starting quarterback mean that it’s not the man under center who matters but rather the man in the hoodie on the sidelines? What do you expect to see tonight?

This is where we’re counting down until kickoff. The inactives will post right around 6pm, and the first game thread will open 15 minutes before the game, at which point this post will promptly be locked. Until then, talk Texans-Patriots here.