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2016 Thursday Night Football Infographic: Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots

Starting for the Patriots at quarterback Tom.....err....Jiii...err..Jacoby Brissett.

When the 2016 NFL schedule was announced, a few games stood out as measuring sticks for the new and improved Texans. Obviously, the Chiefs after last years’ two losses to Kansas City. But it was the week after against the Patriots that felt like the major hurdle.

Bill O’Brien now faces his former boss with a team that he and fellow former Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel constructed into a division champion. On top of that, the Texans finally have a quarterback who at least wouldn’t run and hide from Tom Brady’s greatness.

That brings us to Mr. Brady. Originally, we didn’t know if the Texans would see Brady, but the Patriots quarterback gave up his Deflategate appeal and is currently serving a four-game suspension.

So the Texans would have to face backup Ryan Mallett Brian Hoyer Jimmy Garoppolo. But Garoppolo, after looking sharp in his two starts, was injured against the Dolphins last week.

That means Jacoby Brissett takes over for the Pats. He will be only the fifth quarterback to start for the Patriots since 2001. Here is the infographic for this week: