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Texans 0 - Patriots 10: 2Q Live Thread

The Houston Texans are down 10-0 to New England as we head into the second quarter.

NFL: Houston Texans at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Your Houston Texans head into the second quarter down 0-10 because Charles James II is returning punts for some unknown reason.

Live blogging the first quarter:

  • DeAndre MF’n Hopkins. His feet are ALWAYS in.
  • Ouch, there goes that weak O-line again.
  • Here come the special teams penalties.
  • I love you, Lamar Miller. Truly I do.
  • Clowney is just a MONSTER.
  • Yikes, hope JJo is alright.
  • Pats held to a field goal. Meh.
  • Oh great, lets end the quarter on this note. Texans fumble and hand a touchdown to the rookie QB.

The second quarter starts now in Foxborough, and the comments section is open for your discussion, analysis, and real-time reactions to the game.