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Sunday Night Football: Bears at Cowboys

Two teams meet in Arlington sans their starting quarterbacks. Which team will be left standing?

Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears
The stuff Chicago’s nightmares are made of.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears head to Jerry’s Ego Stadium tonight to face the Dallas Cowboys. These two teams boast a glorious history (and boy, do they boast), but recent years (like since the 1990s) have been less kind. That hasn’t stopped the media from covering them like they’re legitimate Super Bowl contenders, though.

Both teams will be going into tonight’s game without their franchise quarterbacks. Jay Cutler injured his thumb in the last game, and was replaced by Brian Hoyer, who will start tonight. Pour out some liquor for Bears fans’ dreams of a successful season, because we know how Hoyerible Hoyer is. Tony Romo broke his back, again, and will miss a significant chunk of the season. Dak Prescott has started every game for the ‘Boys this season, and looked okay to the point where some fans of the team are calling for Jerruh to jettison Tony for Dak altogether.

This is a game where offensive weapons abound on both sides. It’s just a matter of whether the quarterbacks can make use of them, the coaches can call plays that get them in the right spots, and the offensive lines can protect them.

If nothing else, we’ll get to see Brian Hoyer “want to be good,” again tonight. Get your popcorn, folks. This promises to be comedy gold.