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Monday Night Football: Atlanta Falcons v. New Orleans Saints

Our Hard Knocks buddies, the Falcons, are heading into the Big Easy to play the nation’s media darlings, the Saints. Talk about MNF live on BRB.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
Well, we’re gonna have to root for the guy in red, for Hard Knocks reasons.
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Neither the Falcons nor the Saints are particularly great or inspiring teams so far this season, but we’re football fanatics, so we’re going to tune in anyhow.

While Drew Brees is regularly hailed as one of the best quarterbacks of this era, his counterpart, Matt Ryan, is usually listed in that second tier of quarterbacks—good enough to get you wins, but not good enough to win it all, so you spend the franchise money on him and never really get anywhere. That’s probably an unfair view on Ryan, who has suffered from some truly abysmal coaching in his career. This season, however, Ryan’s stats match up to Brees’ (53 of 73 for 730 yards and 5 touchdowns for Ryan; 57 of 86 for 686 yards and 5 touchdown for Brees), yet Ryan is still treated as an afterthought.

The Falcons head down south with a 1-1 record, while the Saints are 0-2. Should the Saints lose this game, LadyFalcon will show out all over Louisiana while the Saints will dig themselves a hole in their division that they’ll struggle to climb out of.

Monday Night Football is here. Talk about the game as it’s played below.