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Houston Texans Armchair General Manager: What Would You Do?

Here's a thought exercise for Texans fans.

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
Texans are longing for the days of a pro bowl center...
Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

With the normal Monday afternoon Bill O’Brien press conference having taken place last Friday due to the Thursday night game, we have an opening in today’s schedule to discuss behind the scenes nuts and bolts of the Texans.

After the dismantling Houston endured last week and the various opinions flying everywhere on social media, in sports bars, and anywhere else Texans fans communicate, it got me wondering what trends would emerge if we compiled all the theories, game plans, blueprints and puppeteering into one place.

Since we all have an armchair general manager lurking inside of us (even if we’d probably do far worse than Rick Smith, Bill O’Brien, and the rest are doing right now) we may as well indulge that voice if for no other reason than catharsis.

In order to get this started, let’s set some ground rules:

You are now EMPEROR OF THE HOUSTON TEXANS UNIVERSE. To keep it simple, you can make three – and only three – changes to the current Texans organization.

This is my list to set things in motion:

  1. Build a Pro Bowl offensive line.  No matter what the cost and regardless of what most fans think, the least glamorous part of the team is the most critical. Without a solid line, the quarterback is useless, the running game fails, time of possession drops and the defense gets worn out. Always.
  2. Bring in a Pro Bowl caliber safety that fits Romeo Crennel’s defensive schemes.  The threat of a Bob Sanders/Troy Palomalu/John Lynch type of player keeps offenses honest and opens up more opportunities for a ferocious front seven to feast. Find a way to land Tyrann Mathieu, Harrison Smith or Earl Thomas.
  3. Sell the farm to make these things happen immediately.  The time is now if Bob McNair wants to capitalize on the core of great young players this team has drafted in the last decade. Make it happen now so Houston has a chance to play Super Bowl host in their own stadium. Make it happen now so today can be the first day of the Houston Texans Dynasty.

Get the idea? Now tell us in the comments below what three changes you would make to ensure last games like last Thursday only exist in the past.

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