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The Film Room: Texans Face An Enormous Challenge With Vikings’ Defense

Week Five’s crucial showdown with Minnesota is still more than a week away, but we’re going to take an early look anyway at just what makes that Vikings defense so dominant.

Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Vikings’ defensive line made a huge statement last week after completely shutting down a potent Panthers offense. Carolina could not run the ball, could not convert on third downs, and most importantly could not reliably protect Cam Newton in passing situations. Minnesota racked up eight (8!) total sacks on the day in a variety of ways, most notably through heir famous "double A-gap blitz" packages. Here is a quick breakdown about how the NEW Purple People Eaters were able to have so much success last Sunday. We’ll re-visit it next week when the Texans travel to Minneapolis to take on the Vikings. Enjoy!