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2016 Houston Texans Practice Squad Tracker: News, Signings, Rules Of NFL Practice Squad Eligibility

Many players get their start on the practice squad. Find out who the newest 2016 Houston Texans practice squad members are, and the rules for NFL practice squad eligibility, on BRB.

Corey Moore went from last year's practice squad to this year's 53-man roster.
Corey Moore went from last year's practice squad to this year's 53-man roster.
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

One day after the Turk made his rounds, dropping the ax on the hopes and dreams of nearly two dozen would-be Houston Texans, a ray of hope will still shine for ten young men.

That’s right.  Today is Practice Squad Sunday, the day when up to ten talented hopefuls are signed to Houston’s practice squad in the hopes of one day joining the official 53-man roster. Maybe, just maybe, this will lead to them lining up alongside J.J. Watt, catching a pass from Brock Osweiler, or running through a hole opened by Duane Brown.

For those who either aren’t familiar with what a practice squad is, or if you need to a refresher on the rules and details of the NFL’s latest tweaks for the coming season, check out this article on SB Nation by Jeanna Thomas.

As with our other 2016 Houston Texans roster related articles, watch this space for updates throughout the day as we track each of the Texans' practice squad signings.  If you see a tweet or report about the Texans agreeing to terms with a particular player to their practice squad that hasn't yet made its way to the main body of this post, please leave it in the comments.

In the meantime, who do you want to see the Texans target for membership on their 2016 practice squad?

Texans' Initial 2016 Practice Squad Additions:
*Note:  None of these players have officially cleared waivers as of the time of this post- these are just names the Texans are reportedly interested in signing to the practice squad should they remain eligible after the Noon CDT waiver deadline.*

1.  ILB Shakeel Rashad
2.  OLB Eric Lee
3.  RB Kenny Hilliard RB Akeem Hunt
4.  G Chad Slade
5.  WR Quenton Bundrage
6.  CB Robert Nelson
7.  TE Eric Tomlinson
8.  DE Ufomba Kamalu
9.  OT Joseph Cheek
10. DE Brandon Dunn

UPDATE: 10:50 AM - Unofficial reports are starting to surface about Texans' practice squad additions.  These of course aren't yet "league official," but legit sources are starting to connect players to the Texans.

UPDATE (2:19 p.m.): This is a big one.

UPDATE (2:32 p.m.):

UPDATE (3:25 p.m.): Akeem Hunt's signing means Kenny Hilliard will be finding work elsewhere. Also, a new offensive lineman has been added to the practice squad:

UODATE (9:22 a.m. 9/5/2016)

And there you have it folks, the final practice squad roster for week one of your Houston Texans. Since the squad is almost always in flux - stay tuned to Battle Red Blog for updates as they happen.

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