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Houston Texans Injury Update: J.J. Watt To Get His Very Own Pitch Count?

After practice yesterday, Bill O'Brien and J.J. Watt discussed the possibility of Watt having his snaps limited in his first game back from back surgery.

J.J. told all who would listen he's back and ready to dominate once more.
J.J. told all who would listen he's back and ready to dominate once more.
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans' first injury report of the 2016 NFL season came out yesterday, and J.J. Watt is listed under the new "Limited Participation" category (along with rookie wideout Will Fuller) for his back.

While all-world defensive end Watt is convinced he's in better shape than ever, the coaches and training staff might have a more conservative view of his availability and condition rolling into Sunday's opener against the Chicago Bears.

During a press conference after practice yesterday, Watt was asked about it and had this to say:

"I'm sure that they are going to try and put some sort of limitations on me and we're going to have that conversation as the week goes on," Watt told reporters "The way that I felt in the last two practices, I don't feel it's necessary. My body feels great, my conditioning level feels great."

Later in the conference, Watt stated he actually felt far better than he did for the second half of last season, when he dealt with multiple injuries, including a broken hand, torn core muscles and ultimately the herniated disc that led to his second offseason surgery.

"I feel great," Watt said. "I feel no limitations whatsoever. My body actually feels better than it did for the second half of last season. Obviously with everything we were dealing with, I'm in a pretty good spot."

While speculation has swirled that this is all a smokescreen to force Chicago to game plan for the best player in the league, the smart bet right now is that not only will Watt be on the field Sunday, but he will make his presence known in a big way.

What do you think? Will J.J. single-handedly destroy Chicago's offensive line? Will the distraction he creates open up opportunities for Whitney Mercilus and Jadeveon Clowney? Will he truly be limited and only see the field for a handful of plays? Let us know in the comments below.

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