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DeAndre Hopkins Has New Cleats; This Is A Big Deal For Some Reason

This is simply the latest example of how I'm no longer hip to the scene, as the footwear of a Texans player is a big story because they were designed by a musician. people even say "hip to the scene" anymore?

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys
I don’t even know what a Yeezy is.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

"DeAndre Hopkins" was trending on Facebook today. I had no idea why the Texans' standout wide receiver was making waves in that regard, so I clicked. Apparently, the answer is that Nuk will be sporting new Adidas cleats designed by Kanye West.

This is newsworthy. I don’t claim to understand why that is, but it’s almost certainly because I’m not cool. If anyone can enlighten me and thereby elevate my street cred, please do so.

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