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2017 NFL Draft

All of BRB's content concerning the 2017 NFL Draft, whether it's related to the Texans or not.

Revisiting The [NAME REDACTED] Trade A Year Later

As requested, let’s look back at what Houston got for their second round pick.

Mel Kiper, Jr. Regrades The 2017 NFL Draft

I give his assessment of the Texans an "F."

Houston Texans Rookie Review: Kyle Fuller

The last pick in the Texans’ 2017 NFL draft closed out the season as a key contributor on the abysmal offensive line.

The Film Room: Julie’n Davenport (2017 Season Review)

Matt Weston breaks down the Texans’ future at left tackle.

Houston Texans Rookie Review: Treston Decoud

The rookie corner back had a disappointing rookie season but has the opportunity to grow into a larger role.

Houston Texans Rookie Review: Carlos Watkins

The newest installment of the Houston Texans Rookie Review analyzes Carlos Watkins’ season and his progress in becoming a solid rotational asset on a defense battered by injuries.

Houston Texans Rookie Review: Julie’n Davenport

Round 4. Davenport ended the season at a position that many never thought he would have to assume as a rookie- starting left tackle.

Houston Texans Rookie Review: D’Onta Foreman

The Texas Longhorn product steadily increased his production in his first season up until his Achilles injury in the Cardinals game.

Houston Texans Rookie Review: Zach Cunningham

The second round pick from Vanderbilt had a productive first season stepping into his role as inside linebacker for the Texans.

The Film Room: Comparing The 2017 Rookie QBs

The “big four” rookie quarterbacks have finally seen their first real game action in the NFL. We break down all of their performances on this week’s episode of "The Film Room."

State Of The Houston Texans Franchise

We’re gearing up for another season here at BRB. Let’s take a look at how we feel the franchise is doing and where we think we’ll be in a few years’ time.

D’Onta Foreman’s Drug Test Came Back Clean

That’s a good thing for both the rookie and the Texans.

2017 NFL Supplemental Draft: What To Know

Find out when the 2017 NFL Supplemental Draft is, and who could potentially be selected in it, on Battle Red Blog.

2017 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Sign Final Draft Pick

The 2017 Texans draft class is now completely under contract.

Houston Texans Podcast: 06/06/17

Listen to Matt and bigfatdrunk review the Texans’ offseason LIVE at 7 p.m. CDT.

Incompletions: Houston Texans Offseason Report Cards

The masthead gathers around to give their takes and grades on the offseason now that the important decisions are in the dirt and done.

BRB Talks Deshaun Watson On “The Onside Kick”

Jeremy discusses the Texans’ new QB as a guest on a podcast.

Scouting The Texans’ 2017 Draft Class (Part II)

Matt Weston does this thing that he does every year, review the Texans’ latest draft class.

Scouting The Texans’ 2017 Draft Class (Part I)

Matt Weston does this thing that he does every year, review the Texans’ latest draft class.

Houston Texans Podcast: Baby Boys

Listen to Matt, Jeremy, and Luke review the rest of the Texans’ draft class LIVE at 7 p.m. CDT.

What Schools Produce The Players On The Texans’ Roster?

We take a look into what colleges and conferences make up the Texans’ current 90 man roster.

2017 Houston Texans 90 Man Roster

All of the UDFA signings are official, so here’s how the Texans’ 90 man roster looks.

Who Is Dare Ogunbowale?

We're joined by Jake Kocorowski to discuss Wisconsin's Dare Ogunbowale, one of the players the Texans signed as an UDFA.

Texans Sign Watson, Cunningham, Decoud

The Texans sign three more draft picks, including their first and second rounders.

Houston Texans Sign Two More Draft Picks

The Texans add a OT and DT to their list of signed draftees.

Watch Deshaun Watson’s Journey To The NFL

See where it all began for Deshaun Watson, the Houston Texans’ big bet from the 2017 NFL Draft.

Houston Texans Sign Their First 2017 Draft Pick

The seventh-rounder is the first in Houston’s draft class to sign.

The Film Room: D’Onta Foreman & The Future Of Houston’s Running Game

Join BRB as we look at how the Texans’ new running back will fit into the offense.

Houston Texans’ 2017 Rookie Mini-Camp Begins Friday

Check out what Bill O’Brien had to say about his latest rookie class and see who Texans fans are most eager to watch.

How The Texans Decided Deshaun Watson Was Their Guy

Albert Breer has the story of how Rick Smith came to believe Deshaun Watson was the franchise’s next quarterback.

Texans Fans Will Love Deshaun Watson “One Shot” Documentary

This should be required viewing for Texans fans.

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Does Deshaun Watson Really Have A Noodle Arm?

Houston Texans Rookie Jersey Numbers

Find out which numbers the Texans’ 2017 rookies will don on their jerseys this season.

2017 NFL Draft Review: Brett Kollmann Podcast

Would you trade three high draft picks for a younger Alex Smith?

Anonymous Scouting Reports On D’Onta Foreman

Collected thoughts of some anonymous NFL personnel on the Texans’ third-round pick, RB D’Onta Foreman.

Anonymous Scouting Reports On Zach Cunningham

Collected thoughts of some anonymous NFL personnel on Texans’ second-round pick, LB Zach Cunningham.