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2017 NFL Draft: Despite Deshaun Watson Selection, Tom Savage Still Starting QB

Tom Savage is still atop the QB depth chart, Bill O’Brien says.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Despite trading up 13 spots to land QB Deshaun Watson last night, Bill O’Brien still claims Tom Savage is the Texans’ starting quarterback.

This sounds very much like Bill O’Brien, and it makes sense. Savage’s knowledge of O’Brien’s offense is much more extensive than Watson’s, given that Savage has been learning the offense for three plus years. Bringing in Watson will put pressure on Savage to perform, and Watson’s presence could bring out the best in Savage.

Watson’s potential is greater than Savage’s. Watson has a very good football IQ, and he’ll pick up this offense soon enough. It’s only a matter of time before Watson will be ready to be QB1, and it could be as early as Week 1 vs. Jacksonville. Or it could be mid-season, 2018, or never, especially if Savage performs well. For all his collegiate accomplishments, Deshaun Watson is still only a prospect who has yet to play an NFL down.

O’Brien’s words mean something, but there isn’t much to read. Naming Savage the Texans’ starter only gives this QB controversy a starting point. It puts pressure on Savage to keep the starting job, and it alleviates pressure on Watson to try and be the “chosen one” right way. Watson does have pressure to try and win the starting job away from Savage, but he seems like the guy that just wants to win and will do it in any role.

Watson seems like a very good teammate, something O’Brien loves. Watson’s teammates only have good things to say about him. He will help the team as QB1 or QB2. He’s also very competitive, and most importantly, he’s a winner. I think it’s only a matter of time before he wins the starting job. It may not be right away, but Deshaun Watson’s time will come soon.

What do you think of O’Brien’s proclamation that Savage is his starter?