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Sunday Night Football Live: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

The final Sunday of the regular season caps off with a winner-take-all tilt for the NFC North title. Watch it with us!

Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints
Glover Quin wants back in the playoffs.
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

First of all, happy new year! May the forces of evil become lost and confused on the way to your house.

There’s a lot on the line tonight. Not for the Texans, of course. They’re already in the playoffs (and Tennessee is not). Bill O’Brien is probably already in the middle of game-planning for the Raiders.

Some teams aren’t so lucky. Detroit and Green Bay are such teams. Partly because they aren’t lucky enough to be the Houston Texans, and partly because they will be playing tonight for our amusement. The winner of tonight’s game gets the NFC North title, the fourth seed in the NFC Playoffs, and a first round home game. The loser of tonight’s game faces a much less certain fate. They could either gets the sixth seed in the NFL Playoffs or out of the playoffs entirely, again depending on how Sunday afternoon shook out.

It’s been said that destiny often lives on a knife’s edge, and no more true is that the case than the final week of the NFL. Let’s see what we have to look forward to in the playoffs!

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