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Texans 17, Titans 24: Post-Game Recap/Final Score

The Texans succumb to a loss to the Titans after starting QB Tom Savage went down with a concussion in the first half.

NFL: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the season began with a bang with the Texans’ win over the Bears and it ended with a bang. Specifically a bang to the head of Texans’ starting QB Tom Savage, which lea to Savage being put into the concussion protocol and subsequently removed from the game.

The Texans struggled to get off the ground even when Savage was on the field, going behind early due to a strip sack that was recovered and taken into the end zone for an early Titans lead. The Titans added to this lead in the second quarter with a Rishard Matthews TD catch from Matt Cassel. The Texans would then suffer the aforementioned loss of the Tom Savage on a successful QB sneak. The ensuing fray would lead to Savage sustaining a blow to the head, which caused the sideline officials to force him off the field and put him into the concussion protocol. This meant Brock Osweiler took over at QB for the Texans for the remainder of the second quarter (with the exception of Savage coming in to take a knee to end the first half) and the entire second half.

Under Osweiler, the Texans’ offense did pick up the pace with the connection between DeAndre Hopkins and Osweiler leading to a four-yard TD pass to C.J. Fiedorowicz pulling the Texans back within a score. The Titans responded by driving down the field and finishing off a 55 yard drive with a two-yard Derrick Henry TD run. With a 21-7 lead, the Titans put the game all but out of reach. Even a consolation touchdown run by Brock Osweiler in the fourth quarter was not enough for the Texans to overcome.

Regardless, the loss means nothing within the grand scheme of the Texans’ season, apart from having the ability to say that they went undefeated within the AFC South. All that’s left for the Texans to focus on is who they will be playing in the first round of the playoffs. The Chiefs or the Raiders?

What did you make of the Texans’ final game of the season? Do you put any purchase into what happened today or are you focused on next week’s playoff game? Let us know in the comments below.