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How Much Of A Difference Will Duane Brown Make Against The Patriots?

The Texans’ starting left tackle was out with an injury the last time the Texans played the Patriots.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
DB’s in the lineup for this contest in Foxborough.
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The last time your Houston Texans traveled to New England, they did so knowing that Brock Osweiler’s blindside would have to be protected by someone other than Duane Brown. Osweiler was only sacked twice that night, but he never looked comfortable. Of course, that lack of comfort in the pocket was an ongoing theme for Osweiler all season, whether Duane Brown was at left tackle or not, but I digress.

On Saturday night, the Texans will have their stud left tackle back in the lineup. Brown has recovered from a horrific injury far better and more quickly than any reasonable Texans fan could have hoped, and he’s played at a very high level since he returned to action. Brown had this to say about returning to New England this week:

“Being on the road in that game, watching that from the sidelines, just the kind of game it was – it was very, very tough to deal with you know just tried to do my part being as vocal as I could as a leader,” Brown said. “So being back and being able to contribute now and go up there mans a lot to me.”

Do you expect DB’s presence on the left edge to play a significant role in the divisional round game this week, or do the Texans have sufficient problems elsewhere that Brown’s steady play won’t be that big a deal?