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2016 NFL Playoffs Infographic: Texans v. Patriots

The Texans are playing the role of tomato can.

The Houston Texans’ destiny was set in stone the moment the Steelers picked up a win over the Dolphins in the Wild Card round. Houston’s season would end this week against the Patriots.

That fact was put bluntly by a Dan Shaughnessy column in the Boston Globe, which featured the following headline:

“Patriots get to kick (tomato) can known as Houston Texans”

I’m honestly not surprised by Shaughnessy’s take. The Texans haven’t given him any reason not to go all in on trashing the team reoresenting the AFC South. The Patriots are 7-1 all-time against the Texans and shut them out with a third string rookie quarterback in Week 3. Plus Brock Osweiler is the Texans’ quarterback, after all.

But sometimes a tomato can rise above its station, like Andy Warhol’s pop art. Maybe the Texans can...What am I saying? This game probably isn’t going to go well, but crazier things have happened in the NFL.

Here is this week’s graphic: