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Bill O’Brien: “I’ll Be The Texans’ Head Coach...Next Season”

The head coach of the Houston Texans says he’ll remain the head coach of the Houston Texans in 2017.

Divisional Round - Houston Texans v New England Patriots
OB says he’s coming back next year.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

After his team saw its season end with a loss to the Patriots in New England, Bill O’Brien addressed the media and once again spoke about the rumors that he’d be coaching elsewhere next season. You can watch the entire presser here, but the relevant stuff from O’Brien about his future in Houston is transcribed below.

“I’ll be back next season. I’ll be the Texans’ head coach. I’ll be back next season. Like I said, I have a five-year contract. This is Year Three, and like I’ve also said, I need to do a better job. You know, I think we have a good football team, and, um, overall, we need to a better job, especially on offense. I’m going to work hard to get that improved over this offseason.”

The end?