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Divisional Round Playoff Game: Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

The last game of the divisional round comes with a matchup that most Texans fans are bound to hate. So why not watch and hate on them here?

Apparently there’s another game in the AFC playoff bracket. I’m kind of surprised, frankly. After all, the rest of the world seems hellbent on giving the AFC to the New England Patriots that I just figured they’d cancel the Chiefs/Steelers game and put the Pats right through to the Super Bowl.

But they didn’t, and so if you want to cap off the week’s football watching, this is your game.

Needless to say, neither of these teams really deserve your support, but in about a month we’re going to be devoid of football for seven long months. At this point, watching football is less a matter of enjoyment and more like preparing for hibernation.

Watch this game. Hate on both of these teams, and root for the sweet meteor of death. Because in a month, we’ll be missing this and every other football game.