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Twitter Roasts Brock Osweiler

Take a look at the humor that circulated throughout social media as a result of some really bad quarterbacking by the Houston Texans’ QB.

NFL: AFC Divisional-Houston Texans at New England Patriots
Brock: “Hey! I’m going to throw the ball to that guy over there!!”
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a rough season for Houston Texans fans. We were treated to incredible performances each week by a league-best defense only to watch it all unravel time and again due to a historically bad offense. Look no further than the latest game against the Patriots, where the defense created very rare opportunities to get leverage against New England, only for Brock Osweiler to quickly reciprocate, snatching defeat from the jaws of potential victory.

Houston invested heavily in the free agent signee from Denver with a total contract valued at $72 million, although only $37 million is guaranteed and fully paid by the end of 2017. Texans fans invested their own collateral in the form of time and money, watching the live broadcasts, buying game tickets, concessions, and/or team logo gear, straining vocal cords, and countless compromised livers as Brock led this team into a graveyard spiral more times than not.

We all paid a lot for this, so we may as well enjoy some fun and good humor as we do our best to put this season behind us.

USA Today provided some entertaining shots from Twitter that may bring levity to this really frustrating season: