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This Week In BRB Group Think: The Giraffe In The Room

In this week’s BRB Group Think, the Hive chimes in on the most likely Houston Texans starting QB in 2017.

NFL: Houston Texans-OTA
Options A and B?
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The biggest in a long list of important issues for this Houston Texans’ offseason starts very simply - with the quarterback. Cap ramifications be damned, who does the BRB staff think will be the Texans starting QB in 2017? Will it be Brock Osweiler, Tom Savage, an unknown to-be-drafted rookie, or an unknown free agent/trade acquisition?

Let’s see how the staff sees it going down. Also - IGNORE BFD.

Capt. Ron:

"Unknown free agent/trade acquisition" is the most likely answer "IF" this franchise is serious about winning while they have such a dominant defense over the next year few years. Either that, or they are completely fine with watching the prime years of J.J. Watt slip away like they did during Andre Johnson's peak period.

The quarterback Houston needs is currently not on the roster. I applaud the bold effort in going after Brock Osweiler, but it is clear that didn't work out. Move on.

How important is the quarterback to consistently reaching the Super Bowl to compete for a championship?

AFC Super Bowl QBs since 2003
03 Brady
04 Brady
05 Ben
06 Peyton
07 Brady
08 Ben
09 Peyton
10 Ben
11 Brady
12 Flacco (thank you for screwing up this list, Rahim Moore)
13 Peyton
14 Brady
15 Peyton
16 Brady/Ben


Shorter question: electric chair or firing squad, you choose.

As of today, right now, I think the answer will be Tom Savage. I don't have any reason to think the Texans are going to draft a QB, especially with where we are picking. It's possible a DeShaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes catches the staff's eye, but we've been kicking that can down the road a while now.

BFmf’nD - The Sequel:

I know I've already had my answer, but I'm answering again. SQUIRREL IT ALL!

Your 2017 Houston Texans starting QB will be...wait for it...Jay Cutler.

/drops mic


Titan Matt Weston, Slanderer of Blade Runner and Huge Fan of the Texas Rangers:

I would assume it's either going to be Osweiler or Savage. Whoever WINS it and wants it more in camp. Then there will be a rookie watching around, even though the Texans should have already drafted one last year to hedge their Osweilerian bet. The only thing that seems certain to me is that if the Texans don't get better QB play, they are going to be a sub .500 team next year.

Uprooted Texan:

I went into it before during Incompletions and I'll say it again: I will be shocked beyond shocked if anyone other than Brock Osweiler is starting next year. He won't have deserved it, not even a little bit.

But I assume the following:

Let's just dispense with the idea that they cut Brock Osweiler because with his salary cap hit, that's a preposterous move even by Rick McNair standards.

1. If we pursue a quarterback in free agency (assuming there are any), it won't be anything more than a backup.

2. If we trade for a quarterback, it probably means losing high draft picks and/or taking on yet another massive hit on the salary cap which would be just as ridiculous as cutting Osweiler.

3. If we get one through the draft, he won't be an early round pick. Even if he is, he'll be forced to ride the bench a year.

4. If we draft a quarterback, even in the first two or three rounds, the starter will be either the guy foisted on BOB by Rick McNair or the guy with the most starting experience on the roster (because O'Brien values, and possibly overvalues, experience). In either case, the answer is pretty much the same.

5. If none of these conditions are met, they'll go with the player they sunk guaranteed money into.

That's why I go into 2017 assuming Brock Osweiler will be the starter. Even if Bill O'Brien says that the quarterback spot is an open competition, I will assume it is just for show. I will only be dispelled from this belief if Bill O'Brien officially announces during training camp that someone other than Brock Osweiler will be our starting quarterback. Until then, strap in for another season of All Field Goal Offense.

Mike Bullock:

I'll go about this two ways—(1) if it were up to me and (2) what I fear will happen.

(1) Go get a veteran QB AND draft a rookie. This stellar defense has a small window left, so let's not waste it waiting for the end of the current era of poor offense. Guys like Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Tyrod Taylor, Jimmy Garoppolo, A.J. McCarron, Kirk Cousins and Tony Romo could all be had with the right deal. Granted, I'll be shocked if Romo ever makes it through a season again without going on IR. Any of them could shine behind a better offensive line with a better offensive scheme/gameplan.

Last year, I wanted to see McCarron come here instead of Brock. Wonder how things would have gone if he had? If the team can hire a solid OC who can implement a better system than what we've seen the last three years, figure out which of these men has the skill set/experience to shine in that new system, and do what it takes to land him, Brock's dead money be damned, pull that trigger.

(2) Houston stays the course, once again allows the offensive line to deteriorate (I'm fearing the "Duane Brown Announces Retirement" headline every time I open a browser), has a rigged competition with Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage where Osweiler is named the starter, and the All Field Goal Offense comes back for a sequel...

Luke Beggs:

Unknown Free Agent/Trade Acquisition. I just feel like BOB isn't going to want to go through the ringer of having to draft and develop a QB. He will instead continue to pick through the remnants of whatever QB market there is in order to find his Trent Dilfer.


First, the good news. Barring injury, I strongly doubt Brock Osweiler is the Texans’ starting quarterback in 2017. While it’s possible he makes a leap with a second offseason under his belt in Houston, I am skeptical it happens. I expect Osweiler to be on the roster in 2017; I just don’t think it’ll be as a starting quarterback.

I believe the Texans’ starting quarterback in 2017 will be either Jimmy Garoppolo or Tom Savage. Garoppolo can be had in trade. His familiarity with the Patriots’ offense, paltry wages in the final year of his rookie contract, and what he flashed in Tom Brady’s offense could be too much for Bill O’Brien to resist. What would you give up for the Texans’ backup ? If the Texans really want him, the conversation starts with their 2017 first round pick. Would you give up the 25th overall pick for a QB who could come in and start immediately? Of course you would, unless you believe Tom Savage can do the job. I would flinch at the Patriots insisting on the Texans also surrendering their 2017 second rounder. I’d debate including a third-rounder. If the rumored cost is true (a first and fourth-rounder), I’d pay the price.

If the Texans don’t want to enter the Garoppolo sweepstakes or the price gets too high, Savage is the starter. Regardless, I’d expect a quarterback to be drafted in April, though I’m not sure there’s a candidate I’d be excited about at this point.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on the perspective 2017 starter, depending on your blood alcohol level.