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2017 NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship Game Predictions

The BRB staff gives their conference championship predictions. One of us will get these right and feel very smart and look pretty in the mirror for once.

NFL: NFC Divisional-Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons
I’m rising up instead of Titaning Up this weekend.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I am ready to Brock and Roll for these conference championship games. Stream the new Japanroids album if you want to get in the right mood. This album makes me feel how I feel when I think about this Sunday.

For my picks, I have Atlanta beating Green Bay 38-31 and New England beating Pittsburgh 27-17.

Around Week 10, I made a bet that the Atlanta Falcons would win the Super Bowl. I may actually win something for once. I also am 5-3 in my playoff picks with the spread, and two of those losses have come because of Aaron Rodgers. In the NFC Championship Game, I feel like the lack of weapons and injuries to Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams will finally catch up to that dark doctor Aaron Rodgers. I will actually correctly pick a Packers playoff game. The Falcons’ defense, although it isn’t good, will come out hitting, and the Green Bay defense has zero answers for the best offense in the league. I really hope I win this $300 so I can get bfd a signed Taylor Lewan jersey.

In the AFC Championship Game, the trick to beating the Steelers is to throw outside and attack their corners. Alex Smith doesn’t have the capability to do that, but Tom Brady does. Additionally, New England has a great run defense, sticks in their gaps, and fills the box well. They may be the only team that can slow down Le’Veon Bell, the most important part of that Alkaline Trio. Ben Roethlisberger is also spotty on the road and has been okay these last few weeks.

Here are the rest of our picks:


Falcons 38, Packers 34.

Patriots 30, Steelers 20.


Falcons 31, Packers 42.

Patriots 27, Steelers 17.

Luke Beggs:

Falcons 35, Packers 32.

Patriots 24, Steelers 28.

Green Bay has Rodgers, which is pretty great, but Atlanta has the better defense and offense. It'll be a score-fest, but I think the Falcons’ D will hold the Packers on enough drives for their offense to take advantage.

Maybe it's my general distaste for most things Patriots, but I can see the Steelers’ offense being just that little bit better than the Patriots in order to warrant them a trip to Houston for the Super Bowl.

Capt Ron:

Falcons 38, Packers 35.

Patriots 17, Steelers 20.

Mike Bullock:

Falcons 44, Packers 32.

Patriots 27, Steelers 31.

Uprooted Texan:

Falcons 35, Packers 29 .

Sweet Meteor of Death. OR Patriots 31, Steelers 18.

Diehard Chris:

I've so badly wanted to see Brady vs Rodgers for so long, so I'll go that route.

Falcons 35, Packers 37.

Patriots 24, Steelers 21.

And dammit, I love the Patriots and Tom Brady. They're not my team, but I'm rooting for them.


Packers 31, Falcons 28.

Steelers 24, Patriots 28.

Aaron Rodgers versus Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Niiiiiiiiiice. Only way it’d be better is if it was Aaron Rodgers versus Brock Osweiler in the Super Bowl.

These are our picks. What our YOUR picks?