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Saturday Night’s Alright for Commenting: 1/21/2017

Hello, good evening, and welcome to the beginning of the offseason.

The defense is not finished. We will return. Cyber-Watt has spoken.

So here we are again. It’s always such a pleasure. Remember that time you killed me twi—

Wait. Hold on.

Sorry. This is why one should never play “Portal” when trying to think of witty ways to start off a S.N.O.T. thread.

Man, that sounds disgusting.

Moving on, if you’ve stumbled onto our little neighborhood during the regular season and haven’t experienced BRB: After Football, here’s a quick explanation.

On Saturdays, we have this thread where people can come in and talk about most of whatever’s on their mind, whether it involves the Texans or not. That’s the Saturday Night Open Thread, or S.N.O.T. Yes, we know it’s a gross acronym. No, we have no intention of changing it any time soon (BFD will start crying if we do). Talk about whatever’s going on that’s important to you and, who knows, maybe it’s on the mind of someone else here as well.

A couple of caveats to that, though. The usual commenting rules (no politics, religion, boobs, etc.) do apply. We do NOT want to hear about the one time you were in Tijuana with a quadriped who shall not be named, the ice cream scooper, and the brass section of the Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra. We do have to try and keep the internet doors open, after all.

So that’s kind of it. Tell us what’s going on with you, what’s interesting you, and I’ll just add a couple of extra rules that I think everyone can get behind while here:

  1. Be excellent to each other.
  2. Party on, dudes and dudettes!