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Texans 27, Raiders 14 : Post-Game Recap/Final Score

The Texans beat the already bruised Raiders to move on to the next round.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve had to suffer a lot throughout this year. Loosing our J.J. Watt for the season. Watching as the QB we invested $37 million worth of guaranteed dollars seemed to slowly decompose in front of our very eyes to the point where he was replaced before he could even play a full season as a starter. We’ve seen the right side of the offensive line collapse under the weight of its own ineptitude and seen Lamar Miller be funnelled into the endless meat grinder of the Texans’ run game. We’ve suffered terrible play-calling and occasional woeful officiating. Even this week we had to deal with just the small issue of our Head Coach’s future being undecided.

The past 3-4 hours have been the best football that the Houston Texans have played this season. I say that in complete confidence, which is something I’ve rarely had when discussing the Texans this season. This was our reward. Our pot at the end of rainbow filled with draw plays and throws that were closer to the stands than to a receiver. This was our reward and boy, was it good.

First and foremost, this Texans’ defense was phenomenal today. The Texans’ front seven threw around their considerable weight with Jadeveon Clowney, Whitney Mercilus and D.J. Reader all causing constant pressure and panic to the Raiders’ third string QB Connor Cook. With Cook unable to settle in the passing game the defense was allowed to crowd the box and further shut down any attempt by the Raiders to run the ball consistently.

Jadeveon Clowney’s intereception in the first quarter set the tempo for the team as a whole. From there Lamar Miller strolled into the end zone to put the Texans ahead 10-0. The Raiders’ failings on offense were constructed with was quite frankly an otherwordly performance by Brock Osweiler at QB. For someone whose play has been lacking for the entire season, we saw some semblance of a QB who could not be a complete negative for the Texans. Two great throws to Will Fuller for 19 yards and then a 38 yard bomb to DeAndre Hopkins set up a first and goal. Osweiler then went promptly back to Hopkins for a two-yard TD to put the Texans further ahead. The Raiders pulled back some concillatory scores through Latavius Murray and a Connor Cook pass to Andre Holmes. The Texans, however, maintained control throughout and with Osweiler not turning the ball over ran in for another score to put the game to bed and seal the victory for the Texans.

There you have it. The Texans win in the playoffs. Let’s savour tonight. We’ve had a crappy season bar this. I’m going to spend the next few hours watching a loop of Osweiler’s 38 yard bomb to Hopkins and eat scones. Everyone else? Well, you can just let your thoughts and feelings fly in the comments below.

Enjoy the night.