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2016 NFL Playoffs (Wild Card Round): New York Giants at Green Bay Packers

You’ve already sat through three games by this point. One more ain’t gonna kill ya.

New York Giants v Washington Redskins
Playoff Eli is dangerous Eli.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

So Saturday was fun, wasn’t it? The Texans got a win and will now face either the Chiefs or the Patriots (probably the Patriots if the Steelers game holds out), and now there’s one game left on this weekend’s card...its WILD card, if you will.

/pauses for laughs

//realizes none are forthcoming


Everybody’s a critic. Anyway, today’s game is interesting because both teams are red hot right now and could (and hopefully will, since whoever wins this game faces the Oklahoma Cowfarts) make it to the NFC Championship Game.

Go football. Go whoever winds up playing against Oklahoma next week.