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Sunday Night Football Live: Colts v. Seahawks

Hang on, hang on, more football is on the way!

Because he’s all any of us are thinking about right now.

Goooooooooooooooooooooood evening, BRB campers! How are you doing today? Are you still reveling in the Texans’ 57-14 [kitten]stomping of the Baby-Eating Sister [Kitten]ers? Yeah, me too.

But the day’s not over yet. We got one more game on the night, and it’s a game that affects the Texans, even if secondarily. Tonight the Seahawks face off against a very beatable Indianapolis Colts team. The Jaguars, in case you missed it, lost in beautiful fashion to what might be the worst team in the NFL (the New York Jets), and the Traitors...well...frankly, I’m still laughing about that pick-six where the BESF actually made it easier to intercept the ball by ducking his head.

So a Colts loss tonight means the Texans gain on every team in the division, but would still sit behind the Jaguars because Tom Savage played a half of football (well, other reasons too, but whatever).

Now sit back, relax, maybe get a high ABV beverage, and watch what could prove to be one of the ugliest offensive football games this season.