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2017 College Football Live: Week Seven

Take off the pants and enjoy today’s college football party here at Battle Red Blog.

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Florida Gators are wearing jerseys that look like actual gators. The design has chunks of scales on them. This is going to change college football forever. Oregon is just steaming that they haven’t thought of it yet. Get ready folks. Be prepared for Oregon having jerseys made out of white feathers, UT using a white and tan spotted longhorn skin design, Texas Tech having red bandanas nestled under their shoulder pads, USC attaching red feather things to the tops of their helmets, furry Husky tails to let Washington draw their line in the sand proving they are Team Jacob, UCF sporting 100% gold helmets, and Arizona State featuring scratch and sniff brimstone jerseys.

If you are going to spend your day watching college football, you can hang out here at BRB and talk about today’s games.

These are the big games today:

11 a.m. Texas Tech (24) v. West Virgina (ESPNU)

2:30 p.m.: Auburn (10) v. LSU (CBS)

2:30 p.m.: Georgia Tech v. Miami (11) (ABC)

2:30 p.m.: Oklahoma (12) v. Texas (ESPN)

6:30 p.m.: Missouri v. Georgia (4) (SEC Network)

6:30 p.m.: Ohio State (9) v. Nebraska (FS1)

7:00 p.m.: Utah v. USC (13) (ABC)

11:00 p.m.: Oregon v. Stanford (23) (FS1)

Enjoy the games, everyone.