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Sunday Night Football Live: Giants at Broncos

Oooooooooooooooooooh Sunday Night, oooooooooooooooooooh Sunday Niiiiiiiiiight ::head explodes::

Pictured Above: A Vastly Inferior Quarterback to Deshaun Watson.
Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Sunday’s action draws to a close with Al Michaels and PFF Collinsworth calling yet another Giants game in prime time.

I say again, schedule masters, none of us have done anything to you to deserve to be treated like this. Oh, and it’s against the Broncos in Denver, where the crowd chants “in-com-plete” every time the opposing team doesn’t complete a pass? Fantastic. Lemme get the old adding machine.

Eli Manning passing + 60 minutes of football x 5 hours of commercials / 45 minutes of verbal skin rashes Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison = 2,694 “in-com-plete” chants.

I’m getting the liquor. Try to enjoy the game.