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The Film Room: How The Packers Are Reinventing Pass Protection

With a special cameo appearance by Kendall Lamm.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Last week’s episode of “The Film Room” went live late on Friday afternoon, and while it was not specifically Texans related, it did address a problem that the entire NFL is struggling with - pass protection. Houston’s offensive line has been much maligned this season, and deservedly so, but the issues that have plagued this team are not just about talent; they’re about technique as well.

The Green Bay Packers are attempting to stem the tide of league-wide offensive line regression, however, by innovating and evolving the way that their linemen pass protect. On this episode of “The Film Room,” we dive into what those techniques are and how they could benefit all NFL teams, including our very own Houston Texans. Enjoy!