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Bill O’Brien Speaks: On Titans, Chiefs, More

After the Texans set franchise records yesterday, Bill O’Brien took to the podium to discuss the win and the upcoming SNF game against the Chiefs.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans
BOB made adjustments to his offensive play calling that provided wrinkles to the offense that we had never seen.
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Can we get a Real Opinion Translator for Bill O’Brien?

A glorified rout yesterday put everyone in a good mood and excited about the future of this team. In the case of Head Coach Bill O’Brien, he was pretty nonchalant about the win and already trying to focus on Kansas City. O’Brien’s initial response to John McClain’s question about the overall performance and Deshaun Watson was received with some agitation by McClain and a short back-and-forth between the coach and reporter. If you want a good laugh, here is the link to the presser immediately after yesterday’s game and here’s a link to the presser O’Brien gave today.. O’Brien was quick to dismiss the victory to try to mitigate the reporter’s optimism.

If someone were to create a Bill O’Brien bingo game, I would make sure the phrase “complimentary football” was on my card. O’Brien’s adage that all three parts of the team must contribute and put the others in a good position was on display yesterday. From the defense creating five turnovers to straight-off the practice squad Chris Thompson’s 42 yard kickoff return, the Texans put the offense in a position to win the entire game. The eight-minute drive that ended in a Will Fuller 10 yard touchdown to start the second half sealed the game in my opinion. It demonstrated that there was nothing the Titans could do defensively to stop this offense.

O’Brien mentioned that his team “practices well” and that they “started fast and finished well”.

Two performances that stood out for O’Brien, who at the time “hasn’t even seen the any of the film yet,” were Deshaun Watson and Andre Hal.

‘Smart guy. Works very hard. Humble kid. Great questions. A good mind. Smart decisions. Smart runner (ed. note: so not Sage Rosenfels). Instinctual. Fun to coach.’ These were all things he said about his rookie QB.

I’m sorry, are we talking about a Houston Texans quarterback? Oh, we are? Well okay then maybe I can stop comparing Houston to Cleveland.

It is obvious that O’Brien thinks highly of Watson in comparison to the guy last year who wore #17. He also took the blame for the one blemish in Watson’s stat line with the one interception at the end of the half. Getting “greedy” is something I can be fine with since this team has a history of letting teams get back in games. That is especially true for a Titans team that saw itself consistently behind early this season.

Safety Andre Hal had a spectacular game with two interceptions and four tackles. He did have a couple plays where TE Delanie Walker beat him with his size advantage, but his progression from a seventh round draft pick into a reliable starter has been a blessing. O’Brien said that Hal has “worked hard on his hands” to better take advantage of the opportunities afforded to him. OB loves Hal’s smarts and willingness as an “unsung” player on this defense. If NRG Stadium cheers count as a song, Hal was definitely leading the choir yesterday.

Overall, Bill O’Brien was happy with the performance of his team yesterday but stressed the need to focus on next week’s game against Kansas City. “Good job guys, let’s go get ready for Kansas City.”

Sometimes, you gotta stop to smell the roses.