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The Film Room: Carson Wentz Is What Texans Fans Hope Deshaun Watson Becomes

The Eagles look like a legitimate Super Bowl contender, and their second-year quarterback is the biggest reason why.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

With the Texans on a bye week, this week’s episode of “The Film Room” takes a journey to the far off land of Philadelphia, where another young quarterback is starting to leave his mark on the NFL. If Deshaun Watson’s athleticism and playmaking ability has already wowed you this season, Carson Wentz’s film will probably leave you dumbfounded. He has the size of Cam Newton, the quickness of Russell Wilson, the arm of Aaron Rodgers, and the ridiculous voodoo magic of Matthew Stafford.

We might be comparing Carson Wentz to elite quarterbacks of the recent past right now, but I think sooner rather than later we are going to start comparing young players to Carson Wentz. He’s just that damn good.

Take a look for yourself in this week’s episode of “The Film Room.” The Eagles have found themselves one hell of a field general.