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BRB Group Think: Duane Brown’s Future With The Texans

Several BRBers discuss their preferred outcome in the ongoing Duane Brown saga.

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Duane Brown’s long vacation is... over?
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Duane Brown is back. It remains to be seen whether he will play against Seattle Sunday, but it’s probably safe to say there’s no way the Texans will play him if they still have any notion of trading him prior to the Tuesday, October 31st 3:00 PM CDT trading deadline.

The question remains - is Duane’s on-field value greater than what they can get for him in trade? It depends, of course, on what compensation they would receive. With possible trade chip Joe Thomas out of the running and an increasing number of teams with needs at tackle, you really only need one team to “overpay.” It’s not crazy to think a team could offer enough to get Rick Smith interested.

Let’s see how the BRB staff feels about the subject...

Diehard Chris:

I think the idea the Texans won’t get anything of value in return for Duane is inaccurate. Of course, it depends what Rick Smith wants, but it just takes one “contending” team to overpay - and remember what WE all consider a contender is different than what the actual teams themselves consider a contender. I couple that with the fact that the most desired tackle on the alleged trade block - Joe Thomas - is done for the season, presumably pushing Duane to the top of that list. AND now Jason Peters is out for the season. We know Seattle may have interest, but they’d have to make some things happen salary cap-wise.

All that said, adding Duane to the mix improves two spots—both LT and RT. Once Chris Clark is healthy, presumably he’d replace Breno Giacomini at RT (yes, I know - a VERY mild upgrade AT BEST).

Ultimately, I’m torn on this one - but if you can get a second rounder for Duane, I’m taking it. I might even take a third.

Luke Beggs:

Don’t trade Duane Brown. Re-sign him. The Texans are not going to improve the offensive line quickly over the next season and a half, so sit down with Duane and trying to make up with him and secure him for the next two to three seasons whilst the Texans rebuild the a line that they should have been addressing years ago.

Trading Brown just will not get anything valuable enough in return to justify the loss.

Duane’s return to the Texans is a plus. It's all about keeping that plus on the team for the foreseeable future.

Kenneth L.:

Conspiracy theory - the organization wanted Duane to sit and rest. They would rather have a fully healthy Duane in Week 8 than a battered one in his tenth season. If we have any chance at a playoff run, Brown will be imperative to its success.


I know there's a lot of sentiment that Duane should go because he held out and tried to get more cash from his employers before his skill level really deteriorated, which we certainly cannot have, but I don’t think you trade him.

You're not going to get a lot for him. I don't think you get a replacement second rounder, let alone a first, for him. Player-for-player swaps are rare and never really form an equal trade.

Also, despite Brown not being what he once was, he's fresh and he's still the best offensive lineman we have on the roster by a mile. Frankly I'd like for there to be one piece of the offensive line where I don't put my head in my hands and groan every time the center snaps the ball.


I don't know if there's really anything different than with any free agent as far as where do we go from here. Brown gambled and lost with regard to his holdout. Even with all the injuries, we are seriously in win-now mode. Keep Brown and play for today.


At this point, it depends on how we see this season panning out (and whether we trust anyone new that might be brought in). If it looks like we'll be in the hunt for the postseason, keep Duane Brown, play him, and see where it ends up. If we're knocking at death's door, try to trade him and attempt to address the position in the NFL Draft or via free agency.

Capt. Ron:

Given Rick Smith’s miserable track record on anything other than first-round draft picks, I’m all for Brown running this thing on his terms. Bill O’Brien is probably jazzed to have the upgrade at left tackle.

The NFL sucks the life out of these guys and kicks them (even the greatest) into the abyss without so much as a wink. I fully support Brown trying to improve his last few years of income. It’s not a game. It’s a business.

Mike Bullock:

Honestly, I'm not sure where I land on this. From a purely Xs and Os standpoint, I love the idea of plugging Brown back in and watching the offense have even more success. He's a bigger upgrade than just one person should be since he shores up the LG position, allowing Nick Martin to do even more at center. Not to mention watching D'Onta Foreman run a sweep behind Brown should be fun.

The former coach in me has bigger reservations than just the on-field implications. I'd want to know how the locker room and most importantly, OL position group, feels about DB coming back. Are they happy about it? Is it a morale booster? Or has he become a cancer? If it's the former, full speed ahead. If it's the later, I trade Brown to the first partner offering anything that has possible upgrade written on it.

What say you, BRB? Putting aside any disdain you may have for the guy - now that he’s back - what are your thoughts based purely on the on-field football aspect? If you prefer a trade, what’s the minimum you’d take for Duane Brown? If you’d prefer they play him, how high does the pick have to be for you to change your mind?