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Texans Plan to Protest Before Sunday’s Game Against Seahawks

Texans to McNair: Apology not accepted.

Houston Texans v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

It all started with a stupid comment by Texans owner and Kojak enthusiast Bob McNair at the owners’ meeting in New York earlier this month. If you’ve been under a rock, or haven’t read our previous posts about McNair’s comment or subsequent apologies for said stupid comment, McNair’s statement about “not letting the inmates control the prison” has not gone over well with the players. On Friday, the team had to be talked out of walking out of practice that day and receiver DeAndre Hopkins took a “personal day” related to McNair’s comments. Rookie running back D’Onta Foreman also reportedly skipped practice after McNair’s remarks went public.

McNair has now apologized twice for his remarks, the first being one of those “if I offended” non-apologies, but it seems that the damage has been done to the team. Put simply, the players are still mad, and according to a report late Saturday night from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the team plans to protest prior to Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.

In his report, Schefter states the Texans held a meeting Saturday to discuss not whether to protest but what form that protest would take.

In terms of what the Texans will do, several options were mentioned, including staying in the locker room during the anthem, kneeling during the anthem, raising fists, but among the possibilities a very interesting one was brought up which we’ve yet to see in any player protest: peeling the decals off their helmets.

First of all, I can’t imagine how much of a pain in the [kitten] it would be to peel off a team logo from one’s helmet. But more to the point, I can’t imagine a league which has been known to fine players for wearing socks of an incorrect length would be too happy if an entire team were to take their team’s decal off their helmet. Given his obsessively repeated mission of “protecting the shield,” I can only assume that such an action might make Roger Goodell’s head explode.

Personally, while I doubt the Texans go through with the decal removal, I kind of want to see it happen. It’d be a novel approach and I appreciate novelty; if you’ve already made up your mind to protest something, at least be original about how you do it. It’d also sure as hell force the hand of the league to do something more than the half measures, empty statements, and mealy-mouthed words that have already been spewed about this issue. Most of all, I just enjoy a little chaos and disorder, as long as I’m not directly involved.

So get ready for...well...something to happen Sunday, Texans fans.

Make your voice heard in the comments section below. For everyone’s sake, please be civil in discussing this. It’s a sensitive issue and the last thing we need is to close down yet another thread and start banning people for being [kittens] to each other.

UPDATE: Duane Brown says they won’t be peeling off the Texans’ logo.