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Chiefs-Texans SNF Predictions

The BRB staff predicts the Week 5 Sunday Night Football matchup between the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs at NRG Stadium.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans
DeWillDre Fullhop against Kansas City in 2016.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As the Deshaun Watson Era plows full steam ahead in Houston, the Texans will face their toughest test yet as the Kansas City Chiefs make their way to Houston for a huge Sunday Night Football showdown at NRG Stadium. On paper, there isn’t much of a bigger challenge in the NFL than facing the Patriots on their home turf, but New England isn’t looking quite as formidable these days.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, are the NFL’s last remaining undefeated team and boast a strong defense with pass rushers and defensive backs that can give any offense nightmares. Not to mention that annually excellent special teams unit. (I don’t know what that is, either).

Let’s see if the BRB staff is grinding up the DW4 crack and snorting it uncut or if there are still some tempered expectations for the rookie and the rest of the Houston Texans.

Tim: Texans 27, Chiefs 24.

I'm not betting against Deshaun Watson until he gives me reason to do so. I mean, even a Chiefs fan thinks the Texans will emerge victorious. And let’s not forget that for all the Texans’ problems with the Chiefs, this squad did beat Kansas City last year at NRG Stadium with Brock Osweiler under center.

Diehard Chris: Chiefs 26, Texans 23.

I’m all in on Deshaun Watson, but I think this is going to be one of those weeks where we see growing pains - or more accurately - the offensive line will be exposed further. Of course, I picked the Titans to win last week, so what do I know? ALL HAIL DW4!!!

My main prediction, however, is that at some point Travis Kelce will perform fellatio on himself after catching a six yard pass. If a stadium beam were to fall on his face and bust out his arse, I will quit my job and spend the rest of my days wearing out that moment on my DVR. [trash emoji]

Titan Matt Weston, Slanderer of Blade Runner and a Huge Fan of the Texas Rangers, Who Are But a Speck of Shattered Ash Following a Historic Late (All) Season Drubbing at the Hands (Boots) of Their Superiors, the Juggernaut Formally Known as the Houston Astros, Who Are Currently Gutter-Stomping Their Way Through the MLB Postseason While Still Scraping Bloody Chunks of Arlington Off Their Cleats: Chiefs 30, Texans 20.

Don't listen to me. I don't know who this Texans team is. I'm still stuck in the past. Just like television, the internet, and smart phones, my ancient brain hasn't evolved quick enough to understand what is going on.

I just think Kansas City is really fast, and that is going to be a problem for Houston's secondary. Kareem Hunt has the tackle-breaking ability and Andy Reid has the play-calling chops to attack Houston’s front seven. Although Deshaun Watson is spectacular, he has played against two defenses that rank in the bottom of DVOA; he’s played weak defenses that didn't blitz and sat in coverage. Kansas City will actually use a game plan that makes sense to contain him.

Luke Beggs: Texans 33, Chiefs 30.

This is going to be an obscene scoringfest. I'm going to enjoy watching Kareem Hunt just as much as I enjoy watching Deshaun Watson. I hope this turns out to be as big a scoreboard-buster as I hope.

BFmf’nD: Chiefs 34, Texans 27.

I love Deshaun Watson. I do. But he's going to have the occasional bad game, and the Chiefs’ defense has enough speed and playmakers to make that happen on Sunday night.

Kenneth L.: Chiefs 28, Texans 24.

I have one hand on the bandwagon and one over my heart to make sure that I do not suffer from heartbreak at the hands of the Chiefs. This could be Watson's coming-out party to the entire nation on SNF. If all goes well, the Texans’ defense penetrates the injured Kansas City offensive line and disrupts the shenanigans that KC runs. Their offense is too complex to try to beat on pure strategy; you need to be more athletic and take the fight to them. My biggest fear for the Texans is how good KC's blitz packages are. Nothing terrifies me more than our blockers trying to stop one of the best defenses in football. Expect a ton of quick passes and screens to slow down the rush. I would be more than ecstatic to beat Kansas City because I frankly hate when they scream "CHIEFS" during the national anthem.

UprootedTexan: Chiefs 28, Texans 20.

The Chiefs’ defense learns from the mistakes Tennessee made and puts more pressure on Watson. The Texans stay in it for most of the game but ultimately struggle trying to keep the Chiefs' triplets in check. Also, it's a prime time game, and the Texans traditionally struggle during those.

Capt. Ron: Texans 42, Chiefs 38.

Two strong candidates for Offensive Rookie of the Year will go toe to toe on Sunday Night Football as Kareem Hunt and Deshaun Watson step into the spotlight on the same stage. This match-up has the making of a gun-slinging extravaganza, which means it will obviously turn into a field-goal-kicking defensive quagmire since the universe won't allow anything to be certain, with the one exception that Jose Altuve is a [KITTENING] boss!

I think we'll see some mistakes in this game that will keep us on the edge of our seat, but overall this will be one of the best games of the year and will really test both teams. In the end, the combination of J.J. Watt having a breakout game and the continued improvement of Houston's offense led by Deshaun Watson will prevail.

Brett Kollmann: Texans 27, Chiefs 20.

Kansas City is undefeated for a reason, but they are also dealing with a banged up offensive line at the worst possible time with Houston's front seven now set to chase after Alex Smith. Deshaun Watson has awoken something in Bill O'Brien and this offense. I'm excited to see what he can do in primetime.

MDC: Texans 34, Chiefs 20.

Alex Smith is not Tom Savage, but he's also not Tom Brady. I get that he's mobile and that extends plays for the Chiefs at times, but let's not start pretending like he's Marcus Mariota or Deshaun Watson or someone like that. He'll likely throw one TD, probably to Diehard Chris's favorite player, Travis Kelce, and the Chiefs will run another in, but that's it. This Texans’ D is faster than Washington's, and Watt and Clowney are going to ruin Smith's day from the jump.

On the other side of the ball, Deshaun Watson is going to keep doing what he does, and that's going to be more than enough to beat an overrated Kansas City team.

Related: I hate the Chiefs more than any other non-AFC South team, so I am probably biased. But it doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Short list of contributors today, possibly due to excessive Astros-related day-drinking.

How do you see Sunday night’s game going? Please use the comments below to give us your game predictions.